Arowana The Fish of God

Color and shape of this tropical fish pictures which is the strong attraction and make arowana become a one of a famous freshwater ornamental fishes. Even for some people, this fish is regarded as the bearer of hockey to become another attraction for the fans.

Based on its origin, this tropical fish divided into 2 groups. First, The Arowana fish originating from Brazil and the second arowana from Indonesia (Asia). Brazilian Arowana the shape was flat sideways elongated and tapered toward the tail. The dorsal fin and pelvic fins also extends to the tail so the tail fin to appear narrow. The composition between scales less or not so obvious. However, the majority of these breed of Arowana was silvery white or black.

There are two types of Arowana native of Indonesia. First, Sclerophagus Formous which originated from Kalimantan (Borneo) and Sumatra and the second species, which originating from Irian (New Guinea). Both breeds of these freshwater fish arowana's has the same body, which is rather thick and extends, but does not taper toward the tail. Shape of his head straight with a wide mouth facing upwards. Big eyes and mutter in his lower lip. Dorsal and pelvic fins toward the tail is relatively small. Pectoral fin nearly triangular shape with a size not too big and a rounded tail fin. The size of the large scales with formation of a visible making this tropical fish looks very interesting.

In world markets, compared to The Silver Sclerophagus Jardini from Papua - Sclerophagus formous from Kalimantan and Sumatra have a more high price and known by the nickname as "The Star of Indonesian Ornamental Fish".

The color of this tropical fish is really diverse. But the most expensive and popular is the red. According to belief, arowana fish - especially the red also known as "The Fish of God" that brings a good luck. Not surprisingly, the price of this fish can reach thousands of dollars per tail.