Exotic Tropical Fish

Tiger Barb The Exoticism from Asian Rivers

Originally from the rivers of Sumatra, Tiger Barb fish or Barbus Tetrazona have a very agile movements and nimble. This tropical fish species is very nice when displayed in large quantities.
You'll find a unique nature of this ornamental fish when you feeding tiger barb. That is his habit who grabbed the feed so fast and sometimes even food have not had time to absorb water.

Giving the aquarium plant will increase the attractiveness of Tiger Barb and based on color, Barbus Sumatra grouped into 3 types, namely:

1) Barbus Sumatra, brownish yellow with black lines.
2) Green Tiger Barb with a light green color to a dark green.
3) Barbus Albino with white color.

Among these 3 species, Green Tiger Barb is the most expensive price.