Feeding Tiger Barb Fish

Pellet feed on ornamental fish aquarium was made for a healthy and long-lived as well as generate an optimal color, so not too much fat content. Ornamental fish generally eat pellets feed or flakes which have absorbed the water, it means the water had to be absorbed by the feed before being eaten by fish, not after being in the digestive tract.

But apparently there are few species of ornamental fish such as Tiger Barb (Barbus Tetrazona) who grabbed the feed so fast sometimes even food have not had time to absorb water. As a result, we will see Tiger Barb fish are swimming with a diagonal position or with head downwards, because its digestion disrupted.

To prevent this, give time the flakes to absorb water. The trick is to hold the flakes in water for a few seconds before released, or drop the flakes near the outflow of the filter pump, so that the feed will be drifted and absorb water before the fish eaten.

No longer in a hurry when feeding your Tiger Barb fish or other ornamental fish aquarium, so that your ornamental fish can live healthy, long-lived and pulled out the optimum color.