Koi Fish Pictures and Tattoos Design

These following photos are the koi fish pictures that has a Latin name Cyprinus Carpio and it’s a freshwater ornamental fish species which have long been used as pet fish. Therefore, it would not be surprised if the koi fish is very popular among almost all over the world hobbies. The selling price of koi fish is also very varied, ranging from cheap to very expensive.

Many people believe Koi fish is a freshwater ornamental fish origin from China and growing rapidly in Japan since 200 years is then up to now. This ornamental fish belongs to long-lived fish. It is said that the most long koi fish age found in Japan, reaching the age of 226 years. Knowing the age of koi fish is to count in the ring in the scales. For the breeder in Japan, the cultivation of koi fish is considered more art than business. So, the trend of breeding koi fish is always evolving all the time.

The koi fish photos show you that koi's body shape is cylindrical elongated like a torpedo with a wide range of colors and very interesting. Usually the jury in the koi fish contest assessing the beauty of Koi by its color because the colors of koi fish characterized the fish type, eg. types of koi Kohaku dominated by red and white or colored of koi sumi means black type. Colors on koi fish also have different patterns and also creates its own tastes among hobbies include to the tattoos design ideas which became quite popular and sought after.

With the shapes, colors and the patterns of koi make this fish a very beautiful ornamental fish when viewed from above, so it is more suitable reared in fish ponds are placed in the yard of the house. Here are the best koi fish pictures taken from different angles to show you the beauty of this ornamental fish and including a number of koi fish tattoo designs that apparently inspired many tattoo artists around the world ... Enjoy...