Albino Red Tailed Black Shark

Red Tailed Black Shark tributaries of Me Nam - Thailand. Red-Tailed Black Shark will be healthy living in a temperature of 22-26 ° C with a lot of woody plants to his hideout. Body shape resembles a sea-water fish with a maximum length of 12 cm.

These fish live in groups at the time was little, but lived in seclusion after the adult and form their own region. Red-Tailed Black Shark (Epalzeorhynchos bicolor) is aggressive towards other fish that enters its territory, especially from fellow kind, so it is less suitable when kept in small aquarium.

Tropical ornamental fish gallery displays some photos of the 'Red Tailed Black Shark', including a few unusual image collections of ornamental fish species, namely Albino Red Tailed Black Shark.