Lou Han Crossbreeding Cichlids Result

No specific species name of lou han fish because this fish is a type of hybrid. Various designation also exist in this louhan, including the flower horn, flower lou han, and sun go kong. Very famous and lou han fever occurred in 2001-2002, when it almost every fish hobbyists to discuss these beautiful fish. But like any other animal pet experiencing a rising trend down, this time louhan prestige was slightly down. However, still many hobbyists who still maintain even a fanatic on this fish. Evidenced by the still rampant louhan fish contest that is still often held.

'Lou han fish color' is dominated by white, red, and black with a pattern that is very varied. There is a plain or patterned batik with alternating colors. Apart from the bump on his head, color at lou han also become the standard of quality lou han.

Tropical fish are derived from the waters of this Central American continent requires optimum growing environment with medium-temperature 24-27 ° C, hardness 10 - 12 ° dH, and pH 7.0 - 7.5

As with other cichlids, 'lou han' including the aggressive and could not be mixed with other fish. Therefore, the ordinary care of a solitair hobbyists or a tail in one container.

That said, lou han fish is the result of crossbreeding of fish Cichlasoma synspilum and C. cyanoguttatum done by hobbyists Malaysia. But with time and taste the hobbyists, many types of lou han fish is the result of crossbreeding between other cichlids species.