Tropical Cardinal Tetra

Cardinal Tetra Fish (Paracheirodon axelrodi) body size only 4.5 cm. But no doubt the Cardinal Tetra is the kind that most coveted of ornamental fish for aquarium hobbyists with an amazing color combinations. In the wild, these fish alive until thousands tail clustered in one group. Therefore, if maintained in the aquarium should be flocking to the minimum number of 12. They will stress if kept only a pair only. Cardinal Tetra Fish do not like strong light, they prefer the shade. Although Cardinal Tetra can tolerate a pH between 5.0 to 7.0 but they will spend the most optimal colors at pH 5.8.

Neon colors displayed by the fish is actually a result of light reflection of Iridescent Particles. This tropical fish uses reflected light obtained to reflect red and blue. At night, the Cardinal Tetra will pale, because the particles are not active. Not so clear what purpose the Cardinal Tetra fish colored neon flashy, but it is suspected that the neon colors that stand out are useful for the fish can follow the movements of his group in solid-colored waters (Blackwater)

The condition of the water where these fish live does not contain minerals, because most of the water comes from rain water, therefore water conditions in the aquarium if you want to keep this fish should be the same as in landscape. In its natural, neon or cardinal tetra fish is a prey for larger fish, such as fish, angelfish and other types of racing, but so far have never encountered obstacles and maintain the kind of angelfish and neon tetra cardinal in an aquarium.

If you want to maintain the cardinal tetra fish, aquarium should be prepared for a long time, in other words aquarium conditions is stable and water conditions are quite 'old', and the water has low pH levels. Water conditions greatly affect the survival of these tropical fish. Neon tetra otherwise more easily adapt to the conditions of the all-new aquarium. An easy way to get water conditions ideal for the cardinal fish (and other tetra species) is by mixing extracts of 'Blackwater' into the aquarium water. Products such as aquavital and tetra blackwater it's so good to get a blackwater conditions.

The recommended aquarium setup is to use substrate (sand) with a dark color, so the bright colors of Cardinal Tetra will appear in full. Water plants should be pretty much used to lure fish guts are swimming in open waters.