Popular Goldfish Types and Pictures

Goldfish including fish species that have existed since a long time or even arguably be the first fish species kept as ornamental fish.

This ornamental fish is native to China and have a physique that is very funny and fun to look at. The relaxed style of swimming and crawling at the bottom of the water looks calm.

The young Goldfish colors are usually the same, namely the gray, then after the adolescence or adulthood will look colorful. Goldfish has a variety of attractive colors and as the development of creativity in crossbreeding techniques, the combination of goldfish colors and goldfish shapes are increasingly varied so that keep popping new types and varieties of goldfish.

Almost all the hobbyist usually love type of goldfish are round and plump. Getting fatter the body shape, will be increasingly popular. In some types of goldfish, a few have no dorsal fin, for example on the Bubble Eye goldfish type. The tail fin also vary, there is amount one or two, open or bloom, and there is have a long size.

There are about 14 popular goldfish varieties and spread among the hobbyist. However, there are only eight goldfish types that have a great demand among other things : Fan tail goldfish, Veil tail goldfish, Oranda goldfish, Lionhead, Pearl Scale, Bubble Eye, Calico, and the Black Moor.

Goldfish care actually is not difficult if we know the environmental conditions required. Goldfish really liked the clear water so that the aquarium water should be taken from a good source of water and precipitated for 24 hours plus aeration by aerator. Optimal water temperature for goldfish maintenance ranges from 20-25 °C and keep your water pH around 7.2 to 7.5 with medium hardness.