Selecting Guppy Parent for Breeding

Guppy (Poecilia reticulata; Lebistes reticulatus) is the ornamental fish species which easily mated throughout the year without knowing the seasons and does not require special treatment, provided that the water is clean and not too crowded.

On tank with less hardness water, guppy could still proliferate. However, to get the best result of guppy breeding , have a high quality color and best tail shape, will be better if water quality in accordance with the requirements of his life.

To distinguish between female and male guppy is not difficult. Like betta fish, the body color of male guppy is much better than the female guppy. The body shape of Guppy male is slender and the tail fin is very large with very beautiful color and contrast. The male guppy dorsal fin is longer and the genitals prominent.

Guppy females are overweight and somewhat bloated, less contrasting color on tail fin and dorsal fin shorter than the male, and the genitals only regular-shaped hole.

Although easily distinguished, to get guppy parent which have a certain quality actually rather difficult. Especially in females as frequently happens the female guppy is already pregnant with no known origin and quality of male guppy. The unidentified pregnant guppy certainly cause the resulting offspring are not guaranteed quality.

The only way to get a good guppy parent is by buying prospective guppy parent which believed have never mated before, and then paired with a male who has been selected.

Guppy parent which ready to mated was about 3-4 months with male size has reached a length of 3-4 cm and females 4 -5 cm.