Is Guppy The Result of Genetic Engineering?

This freshwater ornamental fish species are from the United States, Central America, and South America. The beautiful guppy fish ( in latin: poecilia) has a nickname as a thousand fish and its existence can now be found almost in the waters around the world.

Guppy fish originally introduced to controlling mosquitoes, but because the color is beautiful and has many variations so that when they swim like the cowboys in paradise, now Guppy fish better known as one of the popular ornamental fish in the world.

Small size, rapid growth, and varying colors make this cowboy fish is often used as a material practice in genetics. Coupled with the development of breeding technique conducted by both practitioners or by the hobbies has implemented many colors and varieties of Guppy with a variety of fin. It is said that dorsal fin on the sparkling neon Guppy fish is the result of genetic engineering with the jellyfish DNA injected and you can find other guppy fish pictures here...