Most Popular Guppy Fish Pictures #2

Mosaic Guppy - Guppy fish varieties with the Mosaic genes show shades or pattern of wavy lines on the Guppy fin. Its characteristic are blue color pattern at the base of the tail and stretching to the fin tail. The pattern always has a regular arrangement amongst blue with yellow or dark blue with red. To maintain Mosaic gene on guppy fish is not easy, its must be crossed to other genes to produced a Mosaic genes with beautiful pattern.

Grass Guppy - Grass is the development of Mosaic guppy. The Grass genes are shown from the pattern of the dorsal fin and tail fin of guppy in the dot spotting form or a fine knife form with black or dark blue color . The shape of grass node turned out to provide a different color. Grass patterned fine blade appear on the red grass guppy while the dots pattern on the blue grass guppy. But now, both varieties has a fine-dots patterns. In the early emergence of Grass varieties, the dorsal fin color was transparent so often called a glass grass.

Leopard Guppy - The Leopard guppy characterized by thick dots scattered randomly on the fins with a dark blue color to black. The possibility of gene varieties developed from the Mosaic, but also be found in crosses between Cobra Guppy with plain color guppy types. Now this type is quite rare because this guppy fish species is less favored by the hobbies