Most Popular Guppy Fish

Cobra Guppy - Cobra genes marked with a complexion like a snake skin on the entire body of male guppy with the color combination of black, white or yellow. There are many guppy fish with cobra stripe because this is the first pattern that since can be identified. Changes in genes which are common on the type of cobra is known as "lace". The lace gene has a pattern that is more subtle and complex. Because very easily to crossbreeding, cobra pattern can also be found in the female guppy.

Metallic Guppy - Naming refers to the color blue or dark metallic gray on the body of a male guppy fish. The most common is the type of Metallic Cobra which is a combination of metallic genes and cobra genes. This varieties has a metallic-colored on head and chest and the rear body patterned cobra.

Japan Blue Guppy - The Japan Blue type thought to have originated from wild guppy populations in Japan. Characteristics of this type is the presence of blue sky at the side of male guppy, because other genes influence the color can vary from purple to turquoise. Recent developments of the Japan Blue type is Lazuli Guppy which generaly has a blue color on the head and tail.

Pink White Guppy - The characteristics of this guppy type is a white color pink at the base of guppy tail. This species recently identified by the source of unknown origin. The color varies from pink to white. The first variants color of this guppy fish have a tail with a red tinge, but now more often found with bright solid colors like blue and white.

Tuxedo Guppy - The genes tuxedo of this guppy fish give a dark color at the rear body (waist) like a black and blue color, but his coverage level was vary. Generally cover the rear half of guppy body. Tuxedo genes in addition to providing coloring effects, also influence the size of the fin. Tuxedo guppy fish tend to have larger fins.