Tropical Cichalasoma Severum

The body shape of Severum fish (Cichalasoma severum) is round like eggs and flat oval, but not too long. Severum’s color depending on the type, a yellowish brown or brownish black with or without spots on its body.

Once mature, Severum will bring malignant and aggressive nature, therefore, severum should be maintained along with a uniform size kind of fish. Another habit of the Severum fish like to rummaging through aquarium base so this cichlid often make the water turbid and aquatic plants uprooted.

Severum fish adaptability is high enough so the water quality requirements where his life was not difficult.

In Severum female, it’s colors body even more bright and the fins becomes golden and there are combination of red spots, yellow, and blue. In the absence of lust, the males are larger with very brilliant colors than the female and the Severum fish males have a lot of red spots on it’s side than the females.

A striking sign of the female of Severum fish are on the dorsal fin and anal fins which looks shorter not like those of male fish.