Otocinclus Affinis The Most Diligent Algae Eaters Fish

Otocinclus affinis from Brazil, living in swift river wing with moss growing on rocks. Otocinclus affinis (4 cm) is the smallest Otocinclus types and most diligent algae eaters without damaging the leaves. The picture above is Otocinclus affinis on Vallisneria. Otocinclus affinis healthy life in the aquarium with clear water and a temperature of 20-26 ° C.

Otocinclus affinis is a small (2") algae-eating fish which is perfect for the tropical freshwater aquarium. It is a diligent worker, doesn't have an aggressive bone in its body, and is fun to watch interact with others in a group. Other names for otocinclus are "otos", or "dwarf suckermouth catfish".

Otocinclus should be constantly pooping. In fact, most fish from the family Loricariidae are big poopers. Since otocinclus are mainly herbivores they need massive quantities of greens to keep them healthy. The best form of this is the soft green algae that is sometimes difficult to see. A fat oto is a happy oto!

If your Otocinclus affinis is slim in any sense of the word then you need to supplement their diet with zucchini or spinach, or figure out a way to grow more algae.