Top Algae Eaters for Fish Tank

The algae problem on fish tanks generally arise due to excess nitrate, too many fish, rarely replace the water, the filter is dirty and rarely cleaned, or unbalance between the forces of light and carbon dioxide dose. One of the preventive measures you can do to suppress the growth of algae is to include the type of algae eater into the tank.

Species of fish such as Otocinclus affinis, Crossocheilus siamensis and Gyrinocheilus aymonieri are examples of the fish types are effective for cleaning brown algae and green algae new growth.

Therefore, insert the fresh water algae eaters, two or three days after the aquarium is installed. The algae-eater fish is inserted into the aquarium with ratio of 1 fish to 25-50 liters of water.

If we insert two algae-eating fish into the tank containing 500 liters of water for example, then this is useless. Because, even if the fish are "working overtime" 24 hours a day, will not effectively handle the existing algae. The algae eater will be effective when working in groups.