Blue Diamond Discus Fish

The high quality of Blue Diamond Discus which been selectively bred have an excellent glowing blue pigmentation. It can be differentiating attribute may be the smaller white-colored white markings about it can be physique. Even though the overall coloration of Discus will vary according to feeling and also all-around health in the sea food.

The blue discus fish needs a professional a higher level care due to its eating behavior as well as h2o filter needs. Territorial in the course of spawning, this normally restful seafood is probably the education and learning class, creating new well-defined atomic family members.

Turning into a bit territorial any time propagation, it’s always best to reproduce an existing pair, as well as preserve several younger blue Diamond Discus and permit these to match by themselves. Warm, soft, slightly acid normal water is needed for breeding. You and your couple can clean up a flat surface area (usually a broad leaf or perhaps the facet of the aquarium tank) prior to creating. The parents must not be stripped away from the fry; the fry go after their own parent's mucous.

Mostly Discus fish types was predatory but the Blue Diamond Discus prefer freeze-dried bloodworm and also tubifex, pellet foods made for Discus, high-quality flake food, and meaty frozen foods obtained from Tropical Fish Suppliers.