What Types of Fish Can be Kept in Wall Fish Tank

A wall aquarium or wall fish tank is an aquarium that is mounted to a wall or hung on a wall like a painting or a plasma tv. Wall mounted aquariums are typically only 4-6 inches thick, this thickness is what allows the aquarium to be mounted on the wall.

Many people have seen plasma fish tanks and animated, framed aquarium pictures that hang on walls and think that these are wall fish tanks. However, a wall aquarium is a real fish tank that hangs on a wall. The only difference between wall aquariums and regular fish tanks is that wall mounted fish tanks hang on the wall.

Not many types of ornamental fish can be kept in a wall fish tank. It's vary depending to the water volume of the particular aquarium that you may have, as well as other filter and aquarium characteristic, such as if you have a heater or not.

Due the wall aquarium is usually in a narrow size we recommend small tropical fish, e.g. bight blue and red neon tetra, glow lights, zebra, danios, guppies or any of the small tetra family, remember when these fish are fully grown not much bigger than a match stick, the pictures displayed the stocking level for the picture was a large shoal of approximately 50 neon’s, which looked stunning as they moved in and out of the plants in a shoaling formation.

The number of fish that can be kept in a wall aquarium will vary depending on the size of the aquarium, the size and type of the fish kept, and the filtration system of the aquarium. However, a safe guideline to use in order to maintain a healthy environment is one inch of fish per gallon of water.

If you would like to keep tropical fish in a wall fish tank you will require a heater thermostat and wiring console to be added to the system.