Aquarium Sand for Tropical Fish

One of the tips to avoid stress on Neon Tetra fish or other freshwater aquarium fish is the selection of aquarium sand which used as a place or medium of the water plant roots. Terms of safe aquarium sand to use is lime free, measuring about 2.5 mm, smooth enough so as not to cause dirt in and make pollutions, also not shaped taper, which can injure the Catfish tentacle when down the aquarium sand. In addition of the three conditions above, not recommended to use the light-colored aquarium sand for tropical ornamental fish that are kept because they will be easy to stress in aquarium with the light-colored sand.

Associated with the color of aquarium sand , if observed, there are many species of freshwater ornamental fish that have a dark dorsal. Including in the tetra fish species such as Neon Tetra and Cardinal Tetras. This is to camouflage the body color of the predators from above, because the bottom waters where he comes are dark too. In contrast, abdominal color of "freshwater aquarium fish" actually light-colored. This is to camouflage the bottoms predators which look toward a bright sky.