Asian Green Arowana Pictures

In addition to various types of Red Arowana and Golden Arowana, Green Arowana is one of the many varieties of Asian arowana fish which found in Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Komboja, and also at several places in Indonesia. Variations of appearance and color of this dragon fish can be found in each region. Nevertheless, commonly we can say that they are greenish gray with dark lines pattern on the tail. The arowana pictures above show you how their head and mouth larger and more rounded than the other types of Asian Arowana fish.

The Asian Green Arowana have a notorious image especially to those who are in a look out of buying young red arowanas, because the green arowanas usually used to crossbreed with poor quality red arowanas to produce a lower grade red arowana fry for sale, which have the same features with a juvenile red arowanas especially when they are up to 5 inches long.

Because of this, many buyers are cheated into purchasing a "super red arowana" instead they end up with a 1.5 grade arowana. Many backyard breeders prefer to use adult male green arowanas because they are better fathers and defend their young with more care than their red counterparts. The green arowana fish is generally shorter than other Asian Arowana. This is the most affordable Asian arowana and also considered as the lowest grade and price of "Asian Arowana fish".