Asian Arowana Fish Pictures

Arowana fish including into Osteoglasidae family or families of the "Bony tongue fish", because the base of his mouth in the form of bone that serves as a tooth. The Arowana fish have various nicknames, such as Dragon Fish, Barramundi, Saratoga, PlaTapad, Kelesa, Siluk, Kaya, Peyang, Tangkelese, Aruwana, or Arowana, depending on the place.

The shape and the appearance of the Arowana fish was beautiful and unique. His body elongated, slender and "stream line" with very graceful swimming motion. Arowana in nature has a variety of colors like green, silver, or red. In the lower lip there are two antennae that serves as a vibration sensor to determine the position of prey in the water. The tentacle is included in the assessment criteria of beauty fish. The potential growth of Arowana fish is quite large, especially by feeding with arowana food which have a high levels of protein. The Arowana growth in the aquarium reaches 60 cm, whereas in nature reaches more than 90 cm. Type of South American Arowana can grow up to 270 cm.

Arowana is a kind of "surface feeders" fish, indicated by the shape of the mouth. In nature they are swimming near the water surface to hunt for prey. Arowana can accept all types of feed for "carnivorous fish", but often they are so very fond of one type of feed only, and reject the other types. As an springer fish Arowana in the wild can catch insects perched on twig height of 1-2 meters from the water surface. So, the Arowana aquarium should be properly sealed.

Arowana is a powerful fish that can live up to half a century. High demand with limited natural availability causes exploitation in the nature be confined. CITES (Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna) stipulates that the Asian arowana fish as the fish that received the highest protection.

One of the famous of this Asian Arowana fish species are the Red Arowana fish with some varieties ie Blood Red Arowana, Chili Red Arowana, Orange Red Arowana, and Golden Red Arowana. The four varieties are generally given the nickname as Super Red Arowana or First Grade Red Arowana, although in its development the Super Red Arowana refers to the Chilli Red Arowana and the Blood Red Arowana. While the last two varieties more often considered as Super Red Arowana with a lower grade.

In addition of Red Arowana, another varieties such as Golden Arowana, ie Cross Back Golden Arowana and "Red Tail Golden Arowana" also have a great demand in the exotic fish stores.