Arowana Care - How to Choose the Best Arowana

Arowana Care - How to Choose the Best Arowana
Arowana or Dragon fish is a graceful, lovely, and ancient searching fish. They are adored by aquarium enthusiasts not only due to the fact of their beauty but due to the fact a lot of people believe that they also bring fantastic fortune to their owners. As opposed to your typical pet store assortment goldfish, the Arowana is pretty pricey so you must pay particular attention to Arowana care when you strategy to acquire your own fish.

Here are the Arowana care tips to look for in picking your own pet Arowana:

1. The Arowana ought to have a wonderful body shape. This indicates it should certainly have a broad body which has fins that are proportional to it.

2. The Arowana's color need to be bright. For example, if you're planning on obtaining a golden Arowana it should be that color gold. Its scales will need to shine like newly-minted gold coins. Good Arowana care assists to bring out the colors of your Arowana.

3. The Arowana should really be a graceful swimmer. One factor why individuals like Arowanas is for the reason that they swim so gracefully it ought to turn smoothly, and it need to swim most of the time near the surface.

4. Check the fins if they are proportional with the body. The fins should also be totally open when the fish are swimming. Damaged fins are commonly a result of fighting or poor Arowana care.

5. The barbels (the whisker-like protrusion on the mouth) must have the exact same, or at least comparable, color with the rest of the body. A wholesome Arowana has long and powerful barbels they should really be equal in length and pointing up.

Arowana Care - How to Choose the Best Arowana
6. The Arowana need to not be bug-eyed, meaning the eyes shouldn't bulge outwards. They really should be proportionate to the fish's body, and they should really be clear.

7. The mouth of the Arowana should be large and angled upwards. The mouth will need to close with out a gap, a fish with an overbite or underbite really should be avoided.

8. The scales should be bright and arranged beautifully, like roofing tiles. The scales ought to also be substantial and can be differentiated from each other. Dull and chipped scales are signs that the fish may possibly have some sort of disease - a result of poor Arowana care.

9. The gill cover shouldn't move so significantly when the fish is swimming, they need to be inconspicuous when they open and close and they will need to be smooth and flat to the fish's body. The color of the gills ought to also be bright this indicates that the fish is healthy.

10. The teeth require to be arranged neatly and in line with the fish's jaw line. They should really not protrude from the Arowana's mouth.

Finding the best Arowana fish that is ideal for you will now be less complicated now that you know what to look for.If you are still unsure of your choice then take into account consulting with an professional, and continually get Arowana fish from registered breeders and dealers who administer the proper Arowana care to the fish.