Arowana Care - Enhancing the Color of Your Arowana

Arowana Care - How to Enhancing the Color of Your Red Arowana
Just like the myth of Arowanas that the Dragon fish can bring very good fortune, there are also myths and details about how to boost the color of an Arowana fish in captivity making use of the proper Arowana care. Arowanas, just like other domesticated fish species, have distinctive colors. Their colors varied from silver to accurate red. Even so, when they are in captivity they tend to lose most of their accurate colors and this is where myths go against the facts.

Some consumers think that Arowanas lose their true colors considering that they are not given the proper Arowana care and are not exposed to correct lighting particularly to the sun's rays. Other folks, on the other hand, believed that losing colors is just a component of Arowanas' aging process. Moreover, authorities say both assumptions can be right but the only thing they believed in is that Arowanas lose or retain their natural colors depending on the quantity of Arowana food we give them and how these foods contribute in bringing in their true colors. So correct Arowana care plays a massive component in finding the richest colors.

If we browse the web and look for the appropriate foods and practices on how to improve the color of our Arowanas, we could possibly acquire numerous answers provided by unique many people who are also keeping or breeding Arowanas. Their popular denominator when it comes to enhancing the color of their Arowana pets, even so, consistently depends on their Arowana feeding practices. There are two classifications of wholesome foods for Arowanas and these are the live food and the non-live food. Live foods are the most nutritious ones and they are composed of live animals and insects. Examples are small frogs, centipedes, crickets, shrimps, worms, fishes or even roaches. Non-live foods are also mainly composed of animals and insects but are frozen, palletized, dried or granulated.

Every food we give to our Arowanas gives sustenance to their bodies and so enhances their colors and that is a reality. Some pet owners of Arowanas suggest that giving palletized vitamins can also help Arowanas maintain their natural color when others suggest that centipedes are the very best live foods when it comes to enhancing their color.

Moreover, there are particular factors why the colors of some Arowanas fade even although their owners feed them nutritious foods and this is due to the carelessness they do to the fish' environment. For example, if their owners generally give them live foods they possibly also introducing parasites into their tank. Guppies and goldfish are notorious for anchor worms and fish lice. If the Arowanas have these parasites in their bodies, their true colors are altered. So always administer the appropriate Arowana care to your fish.