Arowana Care - Myths and Folklore Surrounding the Arowana

Arowana Care and Myths Surrounding The Dragon Fish
Arowana (sometimes spelled arawana or AruanĂ£) is one of the most popular fish among fish enthusiasts, especially in Asia. His popularity in Asia stems from the numerous folklore and myths that are often associated with the Arowana. This article will try to bring to light many stories about this magnificent fish;. It will be up to you, if you think of them or not.

In most parts of the Asian Arowana is considered the incarnation of mythical creatures, the dragon, that is why it is called "dragon fish". This is because of cataracts, which emerge from the mouth of the fish resemble whiskers of a dragon as described in ancient drawings. That is why the Asian Arowanas are said to bring good luck and good fortune as a legendary beast is associated. It's also believed by the Chinese people Arowana can distinguish friend from foe. He said that if you are usually mild and calm Arowana start bashing on the inside of his tank when a person enters the house, then that person is an enemy of the family.

There are fantastic stories about Arowana somehow saved his owner lives. Stories are told about Arowana taking a disease that was supposed to hit the master or his family and die in person, might sound a little too much of this world, but the hardcore believers of this myth will tell you otherwise.

There is an urban legend floating around the internet that talks about a man who narrowly escapes were killed in a car accident, and upon returning home he found that his pet Arowana jumped from tank lying dead on the floor. After further review it was determined that the fish died in almost the exact time that the auto accident occurred.

There is something of a mystery about Asian Arowana air, so if you think that all this myths and folklore surrounding the Arowana which includes the then you should try and own it yourself if you are a believer it is still a very nice fish to be around as a pet.