Types of Asian Arowana Fish

Asian Arowanas Fish Photos
Asian Arowanas are found in South East Asia region. They can grow up to 36" in wild but usuall grow only to 24" in captivity. It is an endangered species and hence illegal to import or even own one in some countries. Fortunately captive breed F2 Asian Arowanas are now available and importation of captive breed arowanas is now permitted in some countries.

High Back Red Tail Golden Arowana PictureThe High Back Red Tail Golden is a premium grade of Red Tail Golden Arowana that is likely to have colour reach the 5th or possibly 6th line of scale. It's origins are the same as the RTG - types of Asian Arowana - selective breeding of the highest quality RTG´s has made this fish available.

The High Back Red Tail Golden Arowanas found in Pekanbaru of Indonesia. The scales are copper-gold in color with some purplish shine. The back of the fish are dark in color, ranging grey, brown to black. The tail color have 1/3 to 2/3 divisions, the top 1/3 are dark in color and the bottom 2/3 have purplish-red to brownish-red color. The dorsal fin and the anac(near the anus) fin color follow the 1/3 and 2/3 of the tail color respectively.

Crossback Golden Arowanas PictureCrossback Golden Arowanas originates in Malaysia. They have a rich golden appearance often contrasted against strong base colouring. Known as the Crossback due to the golden colour crossing over the 6th level of scales (the very top of the back) creating a full bodied and complete coverage of colour. They develop colour very early on, often having very distinct scale colour by 8-10inches. These are a stunning and majestic variety for any Arowana keeper.

The Crossback Golden Arowana sometime also called as Malayan Bonytongue. It has golden scales to the fourth column and pinkish abdomen when young. When the fish grow up, the golden scales willl escalate to the fifth column(hence cross-back) and the pink abodomen disappear. The scales may have different basecolor such as gold, silver or blue. Blue being the rarest. The scales can also divided into thin or thick golden frame. Thin frame scales bluebase crossback gold are one of the most demanded arowana and hence often the most expensive.

Chilli Red Arowana PicturesRed Arowanas is found in Kalimantan and Sumatra of Indonesia. They can be divided into 1st grade red and 2nd grade red. 1st grade red can have different intensity of color ranging from yellow to orange to red to blood-red and chilli-red. The higher intensity red is more desirable and often demand very high price. It is often difficult to distinguish the 1st grade from the 2nd grade red Arowanas when the fish is young.

Green Base Super Red Arowanas PhotosThe young 1st grade red's tail and the anal fin have intense red color and their scales are shiny gold in color with some green at the base. Young 2nd grade red has orange fins and the scales color are no obvious and often whitish silver. When the fish grows, in 1st grade red, the color of the fins remains red, their scales and the gill cover will develop its color. The type of color it will developed depends on which type of the 1st grade of red you have. On the other hand, the adult 2nd grade red will only have pinkish or orange colored fins, thier scales and gill color will only developed pink or orange color.

Green Asian Arowanas PhotosThe Indonesian Green Arowana displays a pearlescence of light green through the skin. It has little variety in colour and for this reason is the lowest value Asian Arowana It has the unique personality and genetic characteristics of the Red and Golden Asian Arowana. However, it is not considered to have the same connection with Feng Sui or wealth.

The Green Asian Arowanas also found in Malaysia and Thailand. The scales are not bright and often tranlucent with some grey or green color. The color is even throughtout the body(ie no dark-top). The tail can be grey, purplish-grey or green in color. This fish is generally shorter then its Asian relatives.This is the most affordable asian arowana.

The examples of arowanas given above are only some of the more well known arowanas. With crossbreeding, many new strains of arowanas are developed - eg. Blue Base Golden Crossback Arowanas.

Crossbreeding Arowana Fish PictureThe Bluebase variety has been specially bred and selected to have a striking Blue Base Colour contrasting against rich golden scales. Known as the Crossback due to the golden colour crossing over the 6th level of scales (the very top of the back) creating a full bodied and complete coverage of colour. These are a stunning and majestic variety for any Arowana keeper.

Nevertheless, the development of new strains of Asian Arowanas are still in early stages and therefore the fish are not readily available yet. Maybe the will be in future - Asian Arowana Fish Pictures by www.arowana.co.uk - sold separately in shop!