Banjar Red Arowana Pictures

Banjar Red Asian Arowana Fish Stockphoto
The world of Arowana can seem complicated and confusing to people who are new to it. I would suggest starting in my post before to get a feel for Asian Arowana Fish types and varieties. Then check out the information section to find out about arowana history, how to value one, how they are bred and much much more.

The Asian Arowana (Scleropages formosus) is a freshwater fish indigenous to Southeast Asia where it inhabits slow moving waters, rivers and streams. Entirely carnivorous it has become an icon of cultural significance for its grace, longevity, incredible colour and stature and has earned the name Dragon Fish referencing the Chinese Dragon.

Banjar Red Asian Arowana Type Fish Stockphoto
Banjar Red Arowana Fish Stockphoto
Currently an endangered species, it is bred under license and close monitoring by the Asian agricultural authorities, and each fish exported outside of Asia is micro-chipped, certified and licensed for transport such as asian arowana fish pictures below, The Banjar Red.

The Banjar Red originates from Banjarmasin on the southern tip of Indonesia. It is known as the Banjar Red, Red Grade 2, Red Grade 1.5 or Yellow Tail Green. However, it is not Red. Although it develops pinky colour as a young fish, by the time the Banjar Red Arowanas has matured it is a Yellow Tail Green Arowana, showing very similar colourations to the green but with striking yellow fins. It has no real connection with Feng Sui and is prised mostly for having the characteristics of an Asian Arowana while having a comparably lower price.

Red Banjar Arowana Types Fish Stockphoto