Arowana Care: Watch Out for These Elements in Your Arowana Tank Water and Keep It Healthy

Arowana Care Watch Out for These Elements in Your Arowana Tank Water and Keep It Healthy
Tank water is the main source of illnesses amongst Arowanas kept in the house. These illnesses are brought on by dangerous elements present in the water. Sadly, these substances ordinarily go virtually undetected. This is for the reason that the clarity of the water when inspected in plain view can be misleading. Also, your fish may perhaps not readily react in an obvious way to adverse elements in its habitat. For this reason, you must regularly test the water for these harmful elements. Below are the most prevalent substances that endanger the health of fish.

Arowana Care and Keeping Arowana Tank Water Healthy
Ammonia is the most prevalent. This substance is incredibly toxic to Arowanas, in reality, any amount of such present in the tank is unacceptable. This substance comes from fish waste, additional fish feeds, and other organic matter that decays in the tank. Which ammonia levels measure high, this could mean that the Arowana is overfed, the tank is overcrowded, or the tank needs cleaning.

This substance is converted naturally into nitrite in the Arowana tank. This fairly unfortunate considering that Nitrite is also quite lethal to the Arowanas. The occurrence of this substance is in most cases brought on by lack of cleaning considering that the ammonia has set in and had time to alter into nitrite without having the tank having been cleaned. Nitrate which is subsequent in the nitrogen cycle is far more tolerable for Arowanas. Yet, sudden rises in nitrate levels can still cause substantial harm to the wellness of the fish in the form of nitrite shocks. This occurs when there is low oxygen level in the tank. Certainly for those of you who want to keep the arowana healthy, this condition should really be noted.

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Arowana Care - How to Keep Arowana Fish Healthy
Acidic or simple condition of your arowana fish tank can also trigger anxiety to the Arowana fish. The pH balance will need to be kept within the prescribed range as a lot as feasible. Lastly, temperature levels also tend to fluctuate and trigger further pressure to the Arowana so they will need to be kept in check as nicely.