Butterfly Koi - The Long Finned Dragon Fish

Butterfly Koi Fish Pictures- The Dragon with a longfin
Saw this koi fish pictures and thought it looked pretty cool. Never saw this kind of koi before with the feathered fins and all. Think they also call it dragon koi.

Butterfly Koi, Longfin Koi, or Dragon Carp are a type of koi fish notable for their elongated finnage. The fish are a breed of the common carp, Cyprinus carpio, (which includes numerous wild carp races as well as domesticated koi ("Nishikigoi").

Butterfly Koi originated in the mid 20th century as a result of an effort to increase the hardiness of traditional koi. Japanese breeders interbred wild Indonesian Longfin river carp with traditional koi. The resulting fish had longer fins, long barbells, pompom nostrils, and were hardier than koi. These were known in Japan as “onagaoi” or "hire naga koi", or translated in English “long tail koi”. Randy LeFever, the son of Wyatt LeFever, a noted breeder of koi, is credited with suggesting they looked like butterflies, a trait for which the breed is named. They are also sometimes referred to as Dragon Koi.