Tinfoil Barbs for Arowana Fish Care

Tropical Aquarium Fish Tinfoil Barbs Pictures
Tinfoil Barb (Barbonymus schwanenfeldii) is one type of tropical aquarium fish that is no stranger to their new into the "arowana fish care". The species that easy for those who come familiarized with the world of ornamental fish, is among the species that are always in use of arowana fans for a particular purpose. "Tinfoil Barb" is divided into two types siver colored and albino. "Albino tinfoil Barb" also has the distinction of "tinfoil Barb Silver" in color. However, both types of these fish come from the same group.

Have a different speed with the other fish, and easy to adapt the environment is one factor that makes this species of choice for the mix with various arowana fish types. Among the care requirements of Tinfoil Barbs are the water pH (6.0-7.5), water temperature (24C-27C), life expectancy (8-10 years), maximum size 13 inch (32cm) and usually move in groups.

Tropical Aquarium Fish Tinfoil Barbs PicturesThe main suitability key to let the Tinfoil Barb fish in the mix with arowana species are the different speed factors with other ornamental fish. Fish is best placed in the "Arowana Community Tank" to avoid clashes between arowana fish when they are hungry. Indirectly, the risk of defects or bleeding in the arowana fish can be avoided.

For those who worry about the quality or state of aquarium water if the water is suitable or not for arowana fish, Tinfoil Barb may be used as an index to test the effectiveness of water quality. If the fish do not die in a given period of time, the water is safe in use for arowana fish. Otherwise, there are measures to be taken by you there.

Tropical Aquarium Fish Tinfoil Barbs PicturesIn addition, this fish can test the water quality of the existing fish in the mix with arowana fish. If there are signs of pain in the fish, immediately treat your aquarium water because it is unlikely that there arowana fish in the same aquarium will also be affected by the disease. Early prevention is essential to ensure that fish survive with your loved ones healthy.

Tropical Aquarium Fish Tinfoil Barbs Albino PicturesAmong the main problems of arowana fish care is an appreciable portion of the content of excess food waste in the arowana aquarium. Besides controlling the diet of fish, to eat properly or do regular cleaning of the aquarium, this fish can also become the medium for your aquarium clean. Food waste is let to dissolve in water will cause ammonia to rise and threat on your arowana fish. With the fish, the circumstances, can avoid the waste of food eaten by "Tinfoil Barb" earlier. The emphasis given to those using earthworms and worm birds (mealworms) as arowana fish diets because of its ability to contaminate the water.