Archerfish The Adorable Spinner Fish

Archer fish Spinnerfish Spittingfish
This is an Archerfish, known for its ability to shoot water at the prey that it is hunting, the water reaching up to heights of 3 metres above the water level. It is quite a small fish, but it is said that most fish hit their targets on the first attempt.

The archerfish (Spinner Fish or Archer Fish) are a family (Toxotidae) of fish known for their habit of preying on land based insects and other small animals by literally shooting them down with water droplets from their specialized mouths.

Archerfish or Spinnerfish has a flat body shape, with a dorsal fin that extends to the rear. Protractile mouth, and protruding lower jaw (such as the Arowana fish). These fish are generally 5-15 cm, some who were arrested on habitat some measuring up to 40 cm.

Archerfish The Adorable Snipers
Tropical fish pictures was taken at Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

Chopsticks fish (local name) or Archerfish, very fond of insects and other small animals (fish, shrimp, etc.). If there are insects who was flying above the water, the archer fish will be spitting or spraying the insect with water and rarely misses his shot. Archerfish is a good sniper and the shots were accurate to within 30cm above the water surface. Even the chopstick-sized adult fish can shoot accurately at distances up to 300cm with an angle of about 74 degrees from horizontal.