Easy Steps in Saving Money When Breeding Discus Fish

Tips for Breeding Discus Fish
It would be quick to fully grasp why so various freshwater aquarium fish enthusiasts loves the discus fish. It is highly attractive and most definitely one of the most breathtaking creatures that one can maintain and bred in an aquarium. Some would disagree saying that there are others even more stunning but that is just a matter of opinion, an opinion that millions of aquarium owners have created by owning Discus fish today.

This mesmerizing fish though comes with a hefty cost tag. Some sellers have been discovered to be selling their fish in the northern region of 250 dollars. That is quite stiff indeed, especially if you want to have a lot more than one fish, and if you're going to breed them, then a pair would definitely be required. But, if you want to have an aquarium full of discus fish and want to save revenue in doing so, then you would just have to breed them yourself.

Breeding Discus fish is not as difficult as you may well think it's not as hassle-free either. There certainly will be some costs, but if you do it ideal, you will be saving revenue in the lengthy run.In starting out, you have two solutions.

First selection - Initial is the specific choice, which is extra highly-priced although. All you have to do is go to a pet shop and obtain a breeding pair. This can set you back about 300 dollars. But you can be positive that one is a male and 1 is a female.

Second alternative - If you want to save some capital, but you cannot seriously be certain tht they would breed, is to obtain baby discus fish, about six to eight of them. You can just hope that at least one or two of them are male or female. Commonly though, there would be 1 of the opposite sex, so you would just have to wait until they grow up.

Breeding Discus Fish PicturesWhen they reach adulthood, you will soon observe that if there is indeed a pair, both of them will soon claim a space in the tank, and begin protecting it. This pair will then be your breeding pair. Have a breeding tank ready as soon as you discover them. A breeding tank should be separate from the most important tank so as to defend the spawn, at the least your breeding tank will need to be 20 gallons.

When you have lastly established your fish breeding tank, transfer some of the water from your original tank, this will stop your fish from experiencing tension in getting exposed to a new tank. Don't put any gravel or sand inside your tank, this will make it less difficult for you to clean your tank from leftover food. Just spot inside a vertical surface where your discus fish can spawn. You can use an upside down pot created from ceramic or live aquarium plants.

IT is imperative that you check on the water from time to time for rise in the water temperature and ammonia level. Everyday cleaning is also a should.If you want to save capital breeding discus fish, then avoid them from dying, a clean water will enhance your probabilities of breeding them from your initial investment.